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Erasmus +

Erasmus + is the programme for education, youth and sports by the European Union. The Programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as to modernize Education, Training, and Youth work.

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Project Partners

Allianz Kulturstiftung

Since its founding in 2000, the Allianz Cultural Foundation (ACF) has sponsored and initiated European cultural and educational projects in the fields of literature and translation, visual and performing arts, music, and dance. Through its programming, the foundation aims to contribute to the creation of a trans-European civil society of thought and exchange – that is why it also initiated the EVS4ALL project.

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IKAB-Bildungswerk e.V.

IKAB is a continuing education and training provider in the field of non-formal education with a clear focus on social learning and the acquisition of intercultural key competences. Committed to applied communication research, IKAB is present in the development, testing and publication of new curricula and training modules by placing emphasis on aspects of quality development and assurance. The institute has an established reputation for its work with young people with fewer opportunities.

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Volonteurope is an international network promoting the values and principles of volunteering, active citizenship and social justice at a local, regional, national and European level, both in the Member States of the European Union and the Council of Europe. It seeks to implement innovative approaches to encouraging Active European Citizenship across the continent.

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Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters, formerly known as Community Service Volunteers CSV, is a national charity leading UK volunteering in policy and practice. Volunteering Matters aims to enable people to take an active role in their communities. Its vision is to create a society where everyone can participate to build strong and inclusive communities.

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Alianza por la Solidaridad

Alianza por la Solidaridad is an organisation of the civil society that aims to promote the building of a new model of citizenship more participative and involved in the achievement of a fairer and more solidary world. One of the core actions is the promotion of channels for social participation and civil dialogue; from a local perspective, the global challenges implied in the promotion and defense of Human Rights, especially women’s rights, sustainable development and mobility of migrants.

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Chance for Life

Chance for Life is a charity aiming to further develop Romanian communities by empowering children and young people. By providing training for adults and challenging their conventional way of thinking, through social campaigns and educational, emotional and social support for children and youth, Chance for Life aims to shape the civic spirit and contribute to the sustainable development of Romanian communities.

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EDUQ Association

EDUQ Association  is a non-profit organisation founded in 2008. The main goal of the association is to support local communities by motivating and promoting active and pro-community attitudes. The association educates, helps others in gaining knowledge and improving their skills, it provides employment support and cooperates with other countries, and moreover, spreads the idea of voluntary service. In particular, EDUQ provides support for non-governmental entities and youths. The association’s goals are implemented through trainings, courses, counselling, international exchange programs, volunteer abroad programs and information.

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European Alternatives

European Alternatives seeks to build a broader vision of a viable alternative Europe, relaunching public commitment and active citizenship. In doing so, EA aims to empower citizens, organisations, and informal groups and movements to take up the European space as their own, providing infrastructure, know-how, and opportunities to network local or national initiatives and upscale them to a transnational Level.

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Europe & Me

Europa neuer Ideen e.V. is an NGO based in Germany. Its main project is the Europe & Me (E&M) online magazine and blog. Those are run by a fully voluntary editorial board of ten young Europeans, working with over 100 contributors. E&M’s motto is “make Europe personal”, thus countering the normal perception of the EU as politics and bureaucracy. E&M aims to support the emergence of a young European public by employing a uniquely transnational approach to journalism.

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Foundation for Social Diversity

The Foundation for Social Diversity (FSD) is an independent non-profit organisation whose mission is to develop an open, diverse society by supporting intercultural dialogue and social integration, challenging discrimination, increasing knowledge and developing tools that strengthen social integration and equality, as well as empowering social minorities, migrants and migrant communities. The FSD is also engaged in critical analysis of the history of social diversity in Poland, so that past experiences can provide constructive insight into and inform the current debate about contemporary issues related to migration, equality and integration.

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Fondation Hippocrène

The Hippocrene Foundation is an independent, public interest, family foundation which works to build authentic European citizenship day after day by Europe’s youth. It supports the realisation of tangible projects initiated by or for young Europeans in all fields that foster dialogue and sharing in the name of a common European citizenship.

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Fundación Tomillo

Fundación Tomillo works towards the personal development and social integration of the most vulnerable individuals and societal groups by means of education, improving employability, creating direct employment, strengthening social networks, analysis, and innovation.

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La Ligue de l’enseignement

Founded in 1866, la Ligue de l’enseignement is one of France’s largest organisations in non-formal education. It gathers 25,000 associations in 102 local and 22 regional federations with the common aims of training responsible citizens, fighting against all inequalities and building a fairer and more independent society. It aims to guarantee access to education for everyone and further promotes a secular society, solidarity among citizens and active citizenship.

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Roma Education Fund Romania

REF is a non-governmental organisation whose mission is to reduce the educational gap between Roma and non-Roma, and to act as a catalyst for ensuring equal access to quality education for all Roma children. The context that led to the creation of both the REF Foundation based in Budapest, and REF Foundation Romania is the decennial of the Roma Inclusion 2005 – 2015.

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YES Forum

As a network, Youth and European Social Work Forum is bound together by the commitment to improve the life chances of vulnerable young people and to foster their inclusion in society. We act as a hub for transnational activities and stimulate the sharing of best practices in youth and social work. Through our advocacy and lobby work, we seek to make young people’s voices heard.

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