Strategic EVS projects ahead!

12 October 2017

Fingers crossed for two of our #EVS4ALL partners! They handed in applications for Strategic EVS projects in Germany and Great Britain for the October 2017 deadline! Results will be published in December, we keep you updated!


What is a Strategic EVS ?

In 2016 the European Voluntary Service (EVS) celebrated 20 years. Events across Europe celebrated the benefits of an EVS experience for individuals and organisations. With years of experience using EVS and providing EVS opportunities, the organisations that run EVS projects have significant:

  • knowledge
  • skills
  • understanding.

During the celebrations, the National Agencies who run the programme acknowledged that expertise and asked the organisations: what should EVS look like for the next 20 years?

The answer was that EVS could be improved if there was more flexibility in the programme, with a focus on the impact of volunteering. Organisations also wanted more sustainability and support for the programme. The National Agencies brought this back to the European Commission, along with their own feedback and feedback from volunteers.

The Commission listened and agreed that experienced EVS organisations should be supported. There should be a way for organisations to use volunteer experience to strengthen the impact of their work, and build capacity to create a strategic change in their organisation. So, they developed a new strand to Erasmus+ Youth in Action KA1: Strategic EVS.


Why a Strategic EVS?

Strategic EVS supports experienced EVS co-ordinating organisations to develop projects that generate systemic impact on a local, regional, national or European level, making strategic use of EVS activities to address an identified challenge. There is a focus on raising awareness of the value of volunteering for young people and communities, and strengthening the recognition of skills and competences gained. Strategic EVS gives organisations a chance to be innovative and dynamic in a way that traditional funding may not facilitate.

Every day, organisations have to adapt to changed environments and respond to the needs of service users/clients. Strategic EVS gives organisations space to reduce some of the reactive responses, and allows them to be proactive. Because Strategic EVS projects can last up to three years, your organisation benefits from the certainty that the funding and volunteers will be there to complete the project.