First steps on the way to an inclusive European Voluntary Service

30 April 2015

Foundations, organisations from voluntary and youth work sectors, as well as civil society organizations from six European countries came together in the Allianz Forum in Berlin on April 23rd and 24th to take the first steps in the European cooperative project “European Voluntary Service for ALL” (EVS4ALL). Fourteen partners from France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Romania, and Spain are participating in the project, which is funded by the EU Program Erasmus+ Youth in Action from the National Agency Jugend für Europa.

In the two-year pilot project, the Allianz Cultural Foundation and its partners aim to expand existing European Voluntary Services (EVS) in the EU to their target group of young people with limited opportunities. While European Voluntary Service is currently open to all Europeans until the age of 30, young people from economically, socially, or culturally disadvantaged backgrounds are deeply under-represented in the program.

EVS4ALL will help these young people overcome existing barriers as well as demonstrate the ways and the means to achieve greater access to European mobility opportunities, like EVS. The stake-holder groups for an inclusive European Voluntary Service should eventually expand to include foundations and businesses, cities and communities, as well as cultural establishments, in order to increase visibility and capacity of the program in the long-term.

EVS4ALL is based on the Europe-wide campaign “We Are Europe! – Manifesto for rebuilding Europe from the bottom-up”, which was initiated in 2012 by Ulrich Beck, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, and the Allianz Cultural Foundation. The campaign was supported by 100 notable Europeans, and calls upon the citizens of Europe to actively participate in the European project.

EVS4ALL is an initiative of the Allianz Cultural Foundation, coordinated by IKAB-Bildungswerk e.V.

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