Full speed ahead in 2016 – Preparation of the EVS mentors has started!

8 March 2016

In 2016 the hot phase of EVS4ALL has begun! This year the first EVS4ALL volunteers will go abroad – and preparations are already well underway:
In the wintery, yet sunny Bonn mentors and foundation representatives came together in February for a mentors training that was organized by IKAB. The training aimed at preparing mentors for their roles and tasks in the specific volunteer projects from spring to autumn 2016, and to establish a sense of teamwork amongst the sending and receiving organisations.

In joint working groups with trainer Julia Motta from Berlin the participants exchanged their expectations and experiences as mentors of EVS volunteers on which basis they subsequently developed their specific volunteer projects. Thereby, agreeing on intercultural and nonformal learning played a role as much as discussing organisational matters amongst the partners.

Particular attention was given to sessions on blended learning with our expert Luisa Messina from Volonteurope, a methodical focus of the EVS4ALL project. Blended learning – the combination of face-to-face classroom methods and digital learning activities – will be tested during the voluntary service. Therefore, the mentors discovered and tried out several new tools throughout the training. The objective is for the individual volunteers as well as the mentors and partner organisations involved to work with tools such as Padlet, PowToon or the Online Linguist Support by the Erasmus+ programme. Afterwards, they will evaluate in how far blended learning can support the learning and reflection processes of the volunteers and can make the EVS programme as such more inclusive.

As a matter of course the digital tools may also be used for the reporting and documentation of the individual volunteer sites and activities. Therefore Robert Behrendt (mediale pfade) from Berlin provided input on the topic of creative storytelling during the training. All volunteers are invited to share their personal experiences and travelogues with us – their mentors will thereby strongly support them!

The following EVS4ALL partner organisations sent participants from their networks to the training: Alianza por la Solidaridad (Spain), Allianz Kulturstiftung (Germany), Chance for Life (Romania), EDUQ (Poland), Fundacion Tomillo (Spain), Volonteurope (UK), La Ligue de l’enseignement (France), YES Forum (Germany)