EVS4ALL Volunteers: “It helps you to feel part of a community”

14 March 2017

Written by Isabell Wutz Europe faces an abundance of challenges which erode the values upon which the EU was founded. Inequality and social exclusion are some of the issues European communities and societies are facing on a daily basis. Faced with increasingly rigid labor markets and growing risks of economic and social exclusion, young people […]

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Register now: Conference “Volunteering for Social Change” | 20 & 21 March 2017 | Allianz Forum Berlin

6 March 2017

© Bernhard Ludewig „How can we strengthen social cohesion and create a more inclusive Europe?” Many committed Europeans have been asking themselves this question in light of increasing Euro-scepticism and national egotisms 60 years after the execution of the Treaties of Rome. In particular growing social inequality is creating divides amongst communities and societies so […]

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Invitation: Youth and Mobility in Post-Brexit Europe

23 January 2017

The first EVS4ALL multiplier event is coming up: Project partners Volonteurope and European Alternatives invite you to join them in London on 20 February 2017, 5-7pm for the conference “Youth and Mobility in Post-Brexit Europe”. In the year in which the Erasmus programme turns 30, Brexit will be officially triggered by UK Government. This means […]

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Save the Date: Conference “Volunteering for Social Change” | 20 & 21 March 2017 | Allianz Forum Berlin

19 January 2017

© Bernhard Ludewig We would like to draw your attention to the European conference “Volunteering for Social Change” at the Allianz Forum Berlin on 20 and 21 March 2017. Tens of thousands of young people have completed a European Voluntary Service (EVS) in the last 20 years and have already benefited from great volunteering and […]

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EVS4ALL in Paris: progress made towards an inclusive European Voluntary Service

28 October 2016

Written by Alexander Neofitov. The EVS4ALL project consortium spent a few days in Paris in the beginning of October 2016 to discuss the progress of the European Voluntary Service for All – a two-year civil initiative striving for more inclusiveness and flexibility of the European Voluntary Service. The latter, a European programme that has been […]

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Full speed ahead in 2016 – Preparation of the EVS mentors has started!

8 March 2016

In 2016 the hot phase of EVS4ALL has begun! This year the first EVS4ALL volunteers will go abroad – and preparations are already well underway: In the wintery, yet sunny Bonn mentors and foundation representatives came together in February for a mentors training that was organized by IKAB. The training aimed at preparing mentors for […]

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Roma: Eternal Strangers in Europe

7 January 2016

Written by Friederike Sandow. A few weeks ago I was sitting outside my friends house late at night, having a drink with friends and local Turks – second generation migrants to Berlin. We were sitting right in the heart of Neukölln – where the city never tends to sleep – on Karl-Marx-Straße, formerly known as “little Istanbul”, […]

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Together for an inclusive EVS – EVS4ALL Partner Meeting in London

23 September 2015

London, in a typical British fashion, greeted the participants of this week’s two-day partner meeting with heavy rain. This, however, did not in the least dilute the enthusiasm of the twenty participants representing partner organisations from six countries. After the kick-off meeting in Berlin in April of this year, the representatives of EVS organisations, foundations, […]

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Transnational Partner Meeting in London, 14-17 September 2015

7 September 2015

Transnational Partner Meeting in London, 14-17 September 2015 We are very much looking forward to the upcoming EVS4ALL transnational partner meeting in London! This meeting will be a great chance to collectively discuss, elucidate and advance our project. At the meeting, the partners will present the EVS activities for 2016 they have been working on, […]

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Fostering Social Diversity and Equality in Poland

17 July 2015

Written by Sarah Fowkes. Issues surrounding cultural diversity, integration of migrants, and social equality have long been contentious and highly politicised issues for the majority of European countries. As issues of diversity and integration are discussed in the media, in the public, and in government, we are reminded of the disturbing trend of discriminatory practices […]

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