We are Europe!

Manifesto for re-building Europe from the bottom up

initiated by Ulrich Beck und Daniel Cohn-Bendit

A European Year of Volunteering for Everyone – for taxi drivers and theologians, for workers and the workless, for managers and musicians, for teachers and trainees, for sculptors and sous-chefs, for supreme court judges and senior citizens, for men and women – as a response to the euro crisis!

The young people of Europe may be better educated than ever before but they still feel powerless in the face of the looming bankruptcy of nation-states and the terminal decline of labor markets. Every fourth European under the age of 25 is unemployed. In the many places where disenfranchised young people have set up camp and made public protests they are clamoring for social justice. Wherever such camps are – in Spain, Portugal, the countries of North Africa, American cities or Moscow – this demand is being made with great force and fervor. Anger is mounting over a political system that rescues banks with eye-watering mountains of debt but squanders the future of young people in the process. But how much hope can be held out for a Europe with a steadily ageing population?

US President John F. Kennedy astounded the world with his idea of founding a Peace Corps. “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

We, the undersigned, wish to provide a mouthpiece for European civil society. For this reason, we are asking the European Commission and national governments, the European Parliament and national parliaments to create a Europe of actively employed citizens and to secure the financial and legal requirements for the European Year of Volunteering for Everyone – as a counter-model to the top-down Europe, the Europe of elites and technocrats that has prevailed up to now that considers itself responsible for forging the destiny of the citizenry of Europe – if need be, against its will. For it is this unspoken maxim of European politics that is threatening to destroy the entire European project.
The aim is to democratize the national democracies in order to rebuild Europe in the spirit of the rallying cry: Don’t ask what Europe can do for you but ask what you can do for Europe – by Doing Europe!
No progressive thinker – from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Jürgen Habermas – ever wanted a democracy that consists merely in being able to periodically vote. The debt crisis that is currently driving Europe apart is not simply an economic problem but also a political one. We need a European civil society and the vision of younger generations if we are going to solve the burning issues of today. We cannot afford to allow Europe to be transformed into the target of an “angry movement” of citizens protesting against a Europe without Europeans. Europe cannot function without Europeans committed to its cause, and Europeans cannot do Europe unless they can breathe the air of freedom.

The practical action transcending the narrow bounds of nation-state, ethnicity and religion that the European Year of Volunteering for Everyone is meant to promote is not intended as an institutionalized fig leaf for European failures. The vision is instead to open up space for creativity. Far from being a means of providing hand-outs to unemployed youth, the European Year of Volunteering for Everyone is an act of self-assertion by European civil society: an act that can be used to construct a new proactive constitution from the bottom up in order to reestablish Europe’s political creativity and legitimacy. Political freedom cannot survive in an atmosphere of fear. It only thrives and becomes established where people have a roof over their heads and know how they are going to live tomorrow and in their old age. That is why the European Year of Volunteering for Everyone needs a robust foundation of finance. We ask businesses in Europe to make their appropriate contribution.

If Europe is to develop a bottom-up culture, it cannot afford to fall back on predefined courses of action. The citizens of such a Europe will want to go to other countries and get involved in transnational problem areas in which national states are no longer able to offer appropriate solutions – environmental degradation, climate change, mass movements of refugees and migrants, and far-right radicalism. They will also want to make use of European networks of art, literature and theater as stages to promote the European cause. A new contract needs to be agreed between the state, the EU, the political structures of civil society, the market, social security and environmental sustainability.

What is good about Europe? What is the value of Europe to us? Which model could and should be the basis for Europe in the 21st century? These are open questions which urgently need to be addressed. For us in “We are Europe” the answer is this: Europe is a laboratory of political and social ideas without parallel anywhere else in the world. But what constitutes European identity? You might say that Europeanness arises out of dialog and dissent between the many different political cultures – of the “Citoyen”, the “Citizen”, the “Staatsbuerger”, the “Burgermatschappij”, the “Ciudadano”, the “Obywatel”. But Europe is also about irony; it is about being able to laugh about ourselves. There is no better way to fill Europe with life and laughter than for ordinary Europeans to come together to act on their own initiative.


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First signatories

Yuri Andrukhovych, author; Attila Ara-Kovács, journalist; Jerzy Baszynski, journalist; Zygmunt Bauman, philosopher; Senta Berger, actress; Daniel Birnbaum, curator and Director of Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Mircea Cartarescu, writer; Patrice Chéreau, theatre and film director; Rudolf Chmel, literary specialist and former Minister for Culture of Slovakia; Jacques Delors, former EU-President; Gábor Demszky, former Mayor of Budapest; Chris Dercon, director of the London Tate Modern; Michael Diekmann, Chairman of the Board of Management, Allianz SE; Lothar Dittmer, member of the Board, Körber-Stiftung; Doris Dörrie, film-maker and writer; Tanja Dückers, author; Peter Eigen, founder of Transparency International; Olafur Eliasson, artist; Péter Esterházy, author; Ádám Fischer, conductor; Iván Fischer, music director of the Budapest Festival Orchestra and Konzerthaus Berlin; Joschka Fischer, former Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany; Jürgen Flimm, director of German Opera Berlin; Sigrid Gareis, Secretary General of the Akademie der Künste der Welt Cologne; Anthony Giddens, political scientist and sociologist; Ronald Grätz, Secretary General of IfA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) Stuttgart; Alfred Grosser, publicist and political scientist; Ulla Gudmundson, ambassador of Sweden; Jürgen Habermas, philosopher; Miklós Haraszti, writer, former Media Freedom Representative of OSCE; Dunja Hayali, journalist; Uwe-Karsten Heye, publicist and former government spoekesman; Thomas Hirschhorn, artist; Róza Hodosán, sociologist; Michal Hvorecký, writer; Eva Illouz, sociologist; Daniel Innerarity, social scientist and publicist; Wolfgang Ischinger, Chair of The Munich Security Conference; Gábor Iványi, pastor, rector of the John Wesley Theological College; Janez Janša, choreographer; Mary Kaldor, political scientist; Veronica Kaup-Hasler, member of the Universitiy Council of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna; Navid Kermani, islam scientist and writer; Imre Kertész, Nobel Prize winner for literature; Kasper König; Curator und Director of Museum Ludwig, Cologne; György Konrád, writer and former President of the Academy of Art Berlin; Rem Koolhaas, architect; Michael Krüger, writer and publisher; Adam Krzeminski, writer and journalist; Wolf Lepenies, former director of the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin; Jutta Limbach, former President of the Federal Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Germany and former President of the Goethe-Institute; Constanza Macras, choreographer; Claudio Magris, writer; Bálint Magyar, sociologist, former Hungarian Minister of Education; Sarat Maharaj; art historian and curator; Olga Mannheimer, author; Petros Markaris, writer; Jean-Charles Massera, artist and writer; Imre Mécs, political activist; Robert Menasse, writer; Adam Michnik, journalist and editor in chief Gazeta Wyborcza; Herta Müller, Nobel Prize winner for literature; Anna Nedjalkova, Rector of Free University Varna; Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator and director Serpentine Gallery London; Arend Oetker, entrepreneur; Thomas Ostermeier, director of Schaubühne Berlin; Doris Pack, member of the European Parliament; Ioana Pârvulescu, writer; Petr Pithart, journalist and former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic; Andrei Gabriel Plesu, publicist, former Romanian Minister of Culture; Martin Pollack, publicist and author; Alek Popov, writer; László Rajek, architect; Ilma Rakusa, writer and translator; Ferdinand Richard, president of the Roberto Cimetta Fund;Peter Ruzicka, composer and director of festivals; Joachim Sartorius, author and former director of Berliner Festspiele; Saskia Sassen, social scientist; Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber; director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research; András Schiff, pianist; Volker Schlöndorff, filmmaker; Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany; Henning Schulte-Noelle, chairman of the Supervisory Board Allianz SE; Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament; Gesine Schwan, political scientist; Hellmut Th. Seemann, President of Klassik Stiftung Weimar; Richard Sennett, sociologist and writer; Martin M. Šimecka, writer and journalist; Konstantinos Simitis, professor and former Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic; Johan Simons, theatre director of Münchner Kammerspiele; Dirk Snauwaert, Director Wiels Contemporary Art Center, Brussels; Javier Solana, former Secretary General of NATO and European Union’s High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy; Dieter Spöri, President of Netzwerk Europäische Bewegung Deutschland; Sándor Szilágyi, writer on photography; Michael Thoss, Managing director of Allianz Kulturstiftung; Klaus Töpfer, founding member of the IASS and former UNEP-Executive director; Vaira Vike-Freiberga, former President of Latvia; Haris Vlavianos, poet and philosopher; Klaus Wagenbach, publisher and author; Christina Weiss, former German Minister of Culture; Richard von Weizsäcker, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany; Wim Wenders, filmmaker and photographer; Michel Wieviorka, social scientist; Robert Wilson, artist and theatre director


Viktor Markov, Aleš Šteger , francesca quincey, Christine Coombe, Vasilis Contoguris, Dieter Schmidt , Anke Kähler, Lilly Evans, georg Herrmann, Kristina Lazarova, Marta Kozlowska, Ulrike Krome, Felix Krauser, Alvydas Smilgys, Elaine Brett, Bjørn Melhus, Lisa Buchauer, Timo Stockhorst, Artur Payer, Anemone Vostell, Andrea Casamenti, Anne Christine Dr. Schoon, Alexander Neofitov, Dieter Hofmann, SIMONA BERA, Jan Boehm, Ludger Gausepohl, Jürgen Bonath, Wolfgang Petran, Henriette Heimbach, Attila Miklosi, Doreen Bormann, Silke Lock , Robert Behrendt, Suzanne Fischer, Kristin Teichert, Lars Koepsel, Cristina Imaz, Iva Vasileva, Gabriele Stribrny, Tiago Mascarenhas, Ashlee Male, Anne Merlin, Noémi Kahn, Иван Ковалёв, makis hoxha, Maggie Schnaudt, Eleonore Heimsoeth, Florian Dierich, Hellem Bodaya, Andrea Vaz-König, Marylene Santamaria, Flora Ortiz, Gabriela Karina Paulus, Erik Van der Kooij, Danielle Dalley, erind mustafaraj, Vera Hark, Thales Scarpin, Luna Grosselli, Yavor Hadzhiev, Bastian Bayer, Peter O'Brien, Tobias Hofelich, Ashot Aleksanyan, Rainer Siebern, Joanna Krawczyk, jean-christophe busnel, Pierre Basch, Andreas Kernstock, Gerald Beck, Stephan Oberstedt, David Bernhard, Peter Witt, Britta Kissau, Dani Plou Marti, HOLGER SCHRADER, Alexandra Wedl, Lothar Jaschke, Michael Schröder, Martin Preis , Stephan Potting, Stefan Schmitt, Joachimq Naab, Yvonne Drolshagen, Ruth Hanna Stahel, leslie strohmeyer, Željka Jurlina, Attila Hromada, Volker Lüdecke, Angela Sannicandro, Pascal Holstegge, Karl-Ludwig Sauer, Klaus-Peter Koch, Michael Cremers, Victoria Röttgen, Herbert Uhl, silvina calderaro, Joana Rodrigues, Kirsten E. Lehmann, Steffi Thierse , Marc Heinecke, Bernd Klotz, Ulrike Simon, Felix Wolf, Frank Müller, Felix Thoma, roland leitmeyer, Matea Senkic, stephan korntner, David Powell, Harald Kamke, Michael Wagner, Albert Fischer, Torsten Wieczorek, Otto Christian, Alexander Strauß, Rolf Plantener, Angelika Münz, Akouba Kouassi, Julia Mende, Gesa CHOME, Talia Garza, Iuliana Paraschivescu, cristina niculae, Angelina Manta, Ioana Cucu, Heiko Liepe, Peter Jiang, Tobias Dörfler, Markus Zachary Xavier Hunter-Vrooman , Matthias Strübe, thomas siebeck, Dominique Gérouville, Harald Grosskopf, Mischa Kuball, Werner Esser, Tobias Heinzelmann, Elena García Mañes, Susanne Wagner, Stefan Waanders, Macha Roesink, Birgit Bartsch, Petra Rethmann, Patrícia Filipe, Rui Cabanita, CONXITA CAMPOS, Ken Russ-Powell, Theodoros douloumpekis, Sandro Marques, Mirco Sander, Maribel Königer, Elaine Serafin, Dieter Sinhart-Pallin, juergen bilger, Mónica Vieira-Auer, Thomas Herzog, Ines Lüder, Marzenna James, Sybil Scholz, Alena Macmillan , Michael Dopatka, Dimo Stefanov, Kelly Payson, Alya Sebti, Roberto Rojnic, Alessa Rather, Mella Waldstein, Siobhan Kattago, Vijay Mehta, Ulla Holm, Alejandro Rodríguez, Jackson Salter, Franziska Petri, HECTOR HARALAMBOUS, Veronika Haralambous, stefanie hägele, Otto SCHMUCK, Michel PIRSON, Shorena Shamanadze, Ingo Müller, Petra Achterfeld, Elena Höpfner , Hans Ahrens, Isabelle Zimmer, Lilian Vourvouli -Rickers, Oliver Blum, ULRIKE KAPPLER, Anna Lydia Huber, Gerhard Kaucic Djay PhilPrax, Johanna Leissner, Ludwig Gasteiger, Kuno Kohlmeyer, Marta Barriuso, Gema Herrero, jose luis troyano, Uta Forstat, Lilly Maier, Christa E. Schüßler, Christa Emmerich, Leo Klein, Anne Frechen, Christopher Ruff, Francisco Fernández Miser, Hella Gerth, Pusija Nihad Nino, Wolfgang Pachernegg, Claudia Bollig , Maria Botella, Brigitte Brand-Winzer, Bernd Schüttler, Elfego Ayax Mayorquín Carrillo, Theo Aegerter, Lisa Marie Diekmann, Simona Bellini, Alisa Fluhrer, Stéphanie-F. Lacombe, Holger Jahnke, Juana M. Sancho Gil, Fredi Zurbuchen, Dennis Munoz Espadina, Jonathan Mack, Víctor Martín, Georgia Tornow, Bernhard Kessler , Francesca Douglas-Flaminio, Johanna Bleker, Marion VARGAFTIG, Lena Koester, SUSANNE HAUER, Lucia Obst, Philipp Wagner, Claudia Hahn-Raabe, Martin Sauser, christel Ebenezer, Thomas Werther Brünn, Hans-Ulrich Beuthner, Henriette Carola Deppe, Thomas Plän, Hanspeter Frey, Craig Browne, Daniela Heil, Jan Engelhardt, Ansley Hofmann, Prof.Dr.Hans Zbinden, Valentin Lobsien, Anne-Rose Lobsien, Bernd Reiter, Stephanie Arnold, Andreas Motullo, Ivo Schmidt , Helmut Dr. Enders, Tobias Dominik Latta, Dominik Schenker, Isabel Gemünd, Frank Adams, Juozapas Andrikonis, Hanno Klemm, Hans Arnold, Claudia Herbert, Ulrich Walter Diehl, Tassilo Heller, Tobias Müller, Ulrich von Schwerin, Volkmar Zimmermann, Lutz Weiser, lea bergmann, Andrew Margioris, Christoph Arms, Margot Krismer, Martina Helmer- Pham Xuan, christos siarkos, Phillip Robinson, Frank Schönborn, Hendrik Faustmann, Dominic Huck, Angela Kölling, Matthew Pickerill, Nikolai Gad, Oliver Milne, Moritz Riesewieck, Vasil Dikov, Simeon Minev, Esther Jexen Dall, belen ciprian, Mario CHIADO' RANA, Christian Thiel, Hans Dr. Moser, Calvin Fromm, Johannes Wagner, Michel Paschalides, Juan Manuel Cárdenas, Davide Pesce, Alberto Schneebeli, Aline Faller, Karl Schüpbach, Frantisek Hudec, Werner Blickenstorfer, Ana-Maria Landa, Rachel Howard, Petra Diekmann-Lächele, Michael Sibly, Elizabeth Flood, Pádraic Flood, Anna Zentis, Bernd Zwönitzer, Kosmopolen eV, Emanuela Danielewicz, Felix Hoepner, Leni Fox, Romy Bank, Kathleen Ackerman, Juan Kindelan, Julio Reyes Montesinos, Ioanna Paschalidou, Martina Mrongovius , Martin Schwark, Eric Adrien, Andrew Arato, Steffen Gentis, Alicja Syska, Hannes Kunstreich, Peter Cushion, Alexander Oey, Andreas Falk, Magdalena Hirschberger, Maximilian Schäfer, Monica Silva, Erhan Ozdemir, Mike Reynolds, Jan Wilde, Peter van Leeuwen, Claudia Sternberg, Hansulrich Kaufmann, Bernd Villiger, Katja Lapadula, Caroline Iberg, Thomas Percy, Claudine Gautschi-Andris, Christoph Klug, Anna Lehmann, Markus Schindler, Edrich Adigun-Harris, alessandro malfatto, Diane Olivier, Lennard Maurice, Maurice Malanes, José Outeiro, Kevin Zachary Schuler, Alice Twaite, Matthias Treder, Ole Brandt, Frank Salazar, Ron stuart-Knill, Heide-Marie Seybert, Sandra Morar, Nina Engelberg Forster, Tony Everden, Gerda van Eeden, Paul Murphy, Enno Weise, Suzanne Fischer, Matthias Bertschinger, Enrique Sanmartin, Wiebke Stadler, Richard Bruskowski, Guido Hartenberg, Dr. Herwig Pieslinger, Lara Ladik, Wydmusch Solange, Philipp Frese, Ramona Cacic-Reinecke, Michael Groß, Armin Rücker, Britta Hölzer, Pedro López, Daphne Hadjiandreou-Boll, lola jover, Hans-Herbert Kögler, Amparo Guardiola, David Limon, Antonia Persch, Niels Dietrich, Andreas Dietrich, max Landsberg, Wolfgang Wälischmiller, Christof Ephraim, Sylvia Stützner, Niko Wieland, Gert-Claus Wagner, Martina Bücherl, Nichlas Kastaniegaard, Pedro Santos, Thomas Stigler, daniel ostermeier, karin jaroschka, Markus Jaroschka, Ivo Podhorsky, Noel David Nicolaus, Marcus Reinecke, Eulàlia Porta, Luan Peter Hasnay, Amelie Starke, Bruno Fischli, Markus Conen, Sven Felten, Ronja Krebs, Obrad Savic, Ganna Veenhuysen, Jacob Veenhuysen, Holger Birckmann, FRANCESCO FERRARO, Octavio Caraballo, vera tika, Michał Kowala, Feldmann Klaus A., Michel Dévoluy, Kurt Engler, Nikolaus Neumaier, Liselotte Voer, Ernesto Ruiz Ureta, Zoran Jelic, Jose Manuel De la Vega, Niels Mauermann, Joachim Bandau, Irmel Kamp-Bandau, Hubert Fischer, Stefan Hell, Daniel Rebholz, Friedrich W. Prof. Seibel, Beatriz Pérez, Oliver Kumpfert, Hedwig Maier-Unrath, Ursula Gaupp, Sr. Athanasia Simon, Christa Höfken, Antoine Duval, Jonas Neubert, Olga Vostretsova, Jürgen Linde, Rüdiger Sauer, Samuel Nello, Valentin Reck, Wolfgang Felber, DARRAGH HAYES-MORIARTY, Dennis Windisch, Maia Bijl, Irene Dr Dziallas-Laur, Markus Waraschinski, Peter Sternberg, Uwe Kerschbaumer, Barbara Duc Goninaz, Eberhard Staiger, Erika C. Jäger, Fritz Jäger, Michael und Gerda Dillmann, Sabine Gum, Hellmut Hattler, Hans-Dieter Buehler, Erdem Ersay, Heidi Pietron, Anne-Christine Ehrhardt-Schütz, Dr. PETER KULITZ, Ulla Wendel, Werner Fuhrmann, Anke Brunn, axel scheffler, Sabine Großkopf, Martin Hasselbring, Karl-Heinz Dr. Höfken, Batur Talu, Ruth Wesselhoeft, Jutta Eifer, Line Marie Thorsen, Jürgen H. Wustmann, Martin Gaupp, Joachim Jung, Doris Bachmann-Medick, Manfred Zumtobel, Joseph Waldstein, rainer-olaf Schultze, Nadine Ninette Jäger, Anthony Roche, Thomas Caesar, Dieter Kastrup, Michael Serrer, Peter Fleiner, Hans-Rudolf Meier, Gert Nicolaysen, Felipe González Santos, Barbara Gerecht, Wolfgang Conrad Riehl, Patrizia Nanz, Wolfgang Kowalsky, Gerhard Guldner, Monika Gerharz, Wolfgang Mattern, Klaus Störch, Christoph Kühn, Liam Fitzgerald, Wolfgang Kaiser, Nadia Nelson, gerhard wagner, François Nelson, Piotr Poliwoda, Matthew Wiseman, vitor ribeiro, Irmantas Reimeris, Herle Forbrich, Luis Sarmento, Philipp Keller, Sabine Kronawetter, Stephen Bean, Moritz Marl, Hannes Gröblacher, Ismael Duá, Mar Sánchez, Peter Bilger, Jonathan Mack, Ute Stoltenberg, Katja Sinko, Nikolai Richter, Kathrin Merkle, Dorine Walz, Rosário Maria José, Martin Hauberg-Lund, Thiago Leão, paolo borsalino, Tomás Vázquez-Lepinette, Thomas Berghaus, Benjamin Zeeb, Nico Andreas Heller, Mario Caeiro, Wolfgang Gotterbarm, Jürgen Schuft, Silvia König, Mathieu Wellner, jorg cygan, Dirk du Pin, Diethild Simon, Iris Köhler-Fritsch , Monika Blumenstock, RAMON PONS BALLBE, Faust Manresa, Helga Köcher, Birgit Kraus, Josef Mußmann, Juan Losada, Irene Hahn-Fuhr, Alberto Zamattio, Gottfried Meyer-Thoss, Corentin Delepaut, Daniel Geilenberg, Rainer Thiem, Matthias Wörther, Luis Cortez, Stefan Cutajar, Jake Azzopardi, José Monter Pérez, Carmen Sporidis, Peter Gittins, christiane kühne, Tricia Hartmann, Josep Llop, katharina grossardt, Michael Cwik, Katja Schickel, Dionysia Lagiou, Felicitas Kresimon, carla melli, Carlos Reis, Ursula Hagen, JOSE ANTONIO NOVAK, Kenka Lekovich, Saxe Sebastian Lomholt, Lucia Marti, MARIA CÉLIA RAMOS, Ersi Filippopoulou, Mar Espés Ojea, Wassilios Trapezanlidis, KAKU SCUD, Chris Silber, Rosa Marie Keller, Inka Eberhardt, Grzegorz Markoń, roland vaxelaire bxl, Alexander Holzinger, Jiří Dobečka, Sven Jaros, Stephen BASTOS, Ondřej Bendl, Karol-Pavol Krajnik, Marcin Szczepański, Giancarlo ANTINORI, Kerstin Küster, Goncalo Santos, Eva Cothias, Edith Ballantyne, jeanne vickers, Max Rößler, ALBERTO ALEMANNO , Thomas Perroud, Damien Bauduin, Bille Haag, Cristina Soltuz, Héloïse Abdalan, Olimpia Parje, Tina Miedtank, Josef Denk, Martin Urschel, John Regan, Ute Zahl, Michael Killian, CLAYER Gabriel, Samuel Buschhorn, Warren Schmidt, José Antonio Diez-Alday, Wulf Erley, Aisling Ryan, Tilmann Vahle, Heiner Salomon, Kim Booth, Begoña Etxebarria, Pieter Van Habberney, Eva Schwedes, Ducon Lajoie, Wyon David, Arthur Hall, Edoardo Eusepi, Mimis Petridis, Silvestre Pedrosa, Carlos Augusto, Pedro Castello Lopes, Samuel Shearn, Georg Metz, Karen Reichel, James Smith, Jannes Klee, Christina Ücker, henry willis, D'Alexandris jean Marius , Frederick Hancock, Robert Levin, Frederichs Günther, Paula Silva , Carmen Garcia De Andres, Alan Dickey, Charley Hobbs, Effie Chilla, Lewis Ames, Nigel Sutherland, bettina thran, Seraphim Alvanides, Orsolya Sofalvi, willem Docters van Leeuwen, Lúcia Santos, bianca ballesteros, Benedikt Schneider, Sven Maschler, Peter Marburger, Fernanda Pacurucu, Karel Gorenc, Yukari Hirasawa, Roxx Gonzalez, Alessandro J. 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