Who We Are

The two-year project European Voluntary Service for All (EVS4ALL) is an initiative by the Allianz Cultural Foundation, implemented in cooperation with Volonteurope and Itinéraire International, and coordinated by IKAB-Bildungswerk. Fourteen partners from France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom are represented in the consortium, including foundations and organisations from civil society as well as experienced organisations from the fields of European youth and voluntary work.

Our vision

With EVS4ALL we aim to take a first step towards the implementation of a ‘European Year of Volunteering for Everyone’, as described in the manifesto “We are Europe! Manifesto for Rebuilding Europe from the Bottom Up“.

It was signed by thousands of Europeans and supported by one hundred well-known intellectuals, politicians, and public figures. The pan- European campaign demands an expansion of current and future European voluntary programmes with the intent to strengthen an inclusive European civil society.

Our objectives

All EVS4ALL partners aim to place the topics of volunteering, participation in democratic life, as well as social inclusion on the public agenda. There are three ways in which we propose to achieve this goal:

  • First, by including young people with fewer opportunities and limited access to the European Voluntary Service (EVS) who have so far been underrepresented in the existing programme;
  • Second, enlisting the involvement of and offering outreach to further stakeholders like foundations, municipalities, regional and national governments, companies etc. to engage in EVS in order to enlarge its capacities in Europe;
  • Finally, the promotion of EVS – specifically, the idea of a more inclusive EVS – by means of a widespread communication and dissemination strategy.

We also plan to involve public persons as well as prominent promoters of the manifesto as mentors of single volunteers or the pilot project as a whole to raise awareness and visibility of EVS4ALL and its vision.


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The European Voluntary Service (EVS)

The EVS4ALL project builds upon the previously existing European Voluntary Service (EVS) by the EU with the intent to open the project partners to new target groups in light of a more inclusive programme.

Since 1996 the European Voluntary Service (EVS) enables young Europeans between the ages of 16 and 30 a working stay abroad from two weeks to 12 months within the framework of a non-profit project. The EVS is free of charge for the participants and is financed by the European Union. It includes travel and accommodation costs as well as pocket money. The programme is complemented by seminars and language courses for the volunteers. As guest country, the volunteer can chose not only from EU member states. An overview of all countries in which a stay abroad is possible can be viewed here.

The programme of the EVS is shaped by various non-profit organisations in the fields of social welfare, culture, sports and environment whose collaborations and projects enable the involvement of the volunteers. In each participating country national agencies coordinate and provide information about the EVS. In its present form, the EVS will run until the end of 2020.

You can find more detailed information on the European Voluntary Service here.