European Voluntary Service for All

With the European Voluntary Service for All (EVS4ALL) the Allianz Cultural Foundation and its partners aim to open up existing European exchange and volunteer programs to a wider audience!

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Who We Are

The two-year project European Voluntary Service for All (EVS4ALL), an initiative by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and coordinated by IKAB-Bildungswerk is a cooperation of 14 partners from France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain and the UK. Learn more

Our vision

With EVS4ALL we aim to take a first step towards the implementation of a ‘European Year of Volunteering for Everyone'. Learn more

Our objectives

All EVS4ALL partners aim to place the topics of volunteering, participation in democratic life, as well as social inclusion on the public agenda. Learn more

Our volunteers' Journal

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Our volunteers tell their personal stories and share impressions from their stay abroad. Every voluntary experience is unique and told from a personal point of view. Read the journal

Latest news

EVS4ALL Volunteers: “It helps you to feel part of a community”

14 March 2017

Europe faces an abundance of challenges which erode the values upon which the EU was founded. Inequality and social exclusion are some of the issues European communities and societies are facing on a daily basis. Faced with increasingly rigid labor markets and growing risks of economic and social exclusion, young people on the continent find themselves in particularly vulnerable situations. In this context, civil society organizations are the trailblazers that have committed to addressing those challenges and finding ways to strengthen social cohesion and inclusiveness in Europe. Let's look back at our own EVS4ALL summer of volunteering. Read more

Register now: Conference “Volunteering for Social Change” | 20 & 21 March 2017 | Allianz Forum Berlin

6 March 2017

„What are possible approaches to a European renewal process that promises a socially just and inclusive Europe, above all for young people? How can EVS and other mobility programmes be made more accessible for young persons, regardless of their educational background and social status?" These and other questions will be discussed at the European conference “Volunteering for Social Change” which will be at the Allianz Forum in Berlin on 20 and 21 March i.a. with Daniel Cohn-Bendit and MEP Brando Benifei. Join us! Read more

Invitation: Youth and Mobility in Post-Brexit Europe

23 January 2017

The first EVS4ALL multipilier event is coming up: Project partners Volonteurope and European Alternatives invite you to join them in London on 20 February 2017, 5-7pm for the conference "Youth and Mobility in post Brexit Europe". In the year in which the Erasmus programme turns 30, Brexit will be officially triggered by UK Government. This means that in the next few years, British young people will most likely lose their European citizenship rights of freedom of movement in the EU. As the free movement of people remains uncertain, so does access to Erasmus+ and other European mobility and volunteering programmes for UK nationals. How will this affect youth mobility? What will the impact be for people with fewer opportunities? And will the Erasmus+ programme continue to be accessible for British youth? Read more

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