European Voluntary Service for All

With the European Voluntary Service for All (EVS4ALL) the Allianz Cultural Foundation and its partners aim to open up existing European exchange and volunteer programs to a wider audience!

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Who We Are

The two-year project European Voluntary Service for All (EVS4ALL), an initiative by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and coordinated by IKAB-Bildungswerk is a cooperation of 14 partners from France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain and the UK. Learn more

Our vision

With EVS4ALL we aim to take a first step towards the implementation of a ‘European Year of Volunteering for Everyone'. Learn more

Our objectives

All EVS4ALL partners aim to place the topics of volunteering, participation in democratic life, as well as social inclusion on the public agenda. Learn more

Our volunteers' Journal

Follow our volunteers abroad

Our volunteers tell their personal stories and share impressions from their stay abroad. Every voluntary experience is unique and told from a personal point of view. Read the journal

Latest news

EVS4ALL recommendations for a more inclusive European Voluntary Service

25 April 2017

With major changes under way in Europe, issues such as widening economic and social disparities, growing Eurosceptic sentiments and the uncertain future of European integration are looming larger than ever. EVS has the underpinnings to play an important role in reversing trends, such as youth absenteeism and radicalization, by encouraging young people to become part of the European “paradigm”. Barriers to EVS inclusion, therefore, can have the opposite effect – shutting another door in front of young people already feeling outside the establishment. Achieving a more inclusive EVS is a complex process. The beginning however has been set with the created policy recommendations, which clearly identify the existing barriers and offer concrete solutions... Read more

“Rebuilding Europe from the bottom up”: Discussing inclusive volunteering in Berlin

30 March 2017

Taking place near the emblematic site of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a symbol of both Europe’s unity and division, the conference “Volunteering for Social Change” celebrated the culmination of the two-year project EVS4ALL – a comprehensive two-year plan striving to conceive, put in practice and assess a set of practical approaches, extending the benefits of the European Voluntary Service to young people facing obstacles to the mobility and skill-building opportunities, provided by EVS... Read more

Documentation: Final Conference “Volunteering for Social Change”

27 March 2017

The project's final conference "Volunteering for Social Change" has come to a close. Browse the image gallery if you missed it... Read more

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