European Voluntary Service for All

With the European Voluntary Service for All (EVS4ALL) the Allianz Cultural Foundation and its partners aim to open up existing European exchange and volunteer programs to a wider audience!

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Who We Are

The two-year project European Voluntary Service for All (EVS4ALL), an initiative by the Allianz Cultural Foundation and coordinated by IKAB-Bildungswerk is a cooperation of 14 partners from France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain and the UK. Learn more

Our vision

With EVS4ALL we aim to take a first step towards the implementation of a ‘European Year of Volunteering for Everyone'. Learn more

Our objectives

All EVS4ALL partners aim to place the topics of volunteering, participation in democratic life, as well as social inclusion on the public agenda. Learn more

Our volunteers' Journal

Follow our volunteers abroad

Our volunteers tell their personal stories and share impressions from their stay abroad. Every voluntary experience is unique and told from a personal point of view. Read the journal

Latest news

EVS4ALL in Paris: progress made towards an inclusive European Voluntary Service

28 October 2016

The EVS4ALL project consortium spent a few days in Paris in the beginning of October 2016 to discuss the progress of the European Voluntary Service for All – a two-year civil initiative striving for more inclusiveness and flexibility of the European Voluntary Service. Alexander Neofitov from our partner organisation Europe & Me reports from the partner meeting and explains the challenges addressed by the EVS4ALL project, its conceptual underpinnings, structure and results! Read more

Full speed ahead in 2016 – Preparation of the EVS mentors has started!

8 March 2016

In 2016 the hot phase of EVS4ALL has begun! This year the first EVS4ALL volunteers will go abroad – and preparations are already well underway:
In the wintery, yet sunny Bonn mentors and foundation representatives came together in February for a mentors training that was organized by IKAB. The training aimed at preparing mentors for their roles and tasks in the specific volunteer projects from spring to autumn 2016, and to establish a sense of teamwork amongst the sending and receiving organisations. Read more

Roma: Eternal Strangers in Europe

7 January 2016

No matter where in Europe, Roma are always in the minority. They are constantly being marginalised, are highly disadvantaged and discriminated. A prominent project that has been established in the course of the Decade of Roma Inclusion was the "Roma Education Fund" – the only transregional operating organisation that promotes education of Roma, in which Roma themselves are in charge. Founder George Soros had the dream to some day be able to close the gap in educational outcomes between Roma and Non-Roma and to enhance the desegregation of the educational systems. Read more

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